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  • Boat rental Amsterdam in a private boat
  • choose from over 50 different boats
  • Prices include captain and taxes
  • Direct bookings possible

About Boat Rental Amsterdam

Booking a private boat with Boat Rental Amsterdam offers a multitude of advantages. You do not just book the private boat at the best prices, but you can also quickly and easily compare a large number of different boats. On our comparison portal you will find the right boat for every occasion and group.


different routes

Discover the variety of canal tours with our large selection of private boats. From the most popular sightseeing tour to exploring the narrowest canals of Amsterdam. Or would you prefer a harbor tour?


Days per year available

Our boat providers are in operation all year round. The selection of open as well as closed boats make the canal cruises in Amsterdam possible in any weather condition!

Fleet selection of Boat Rental Amsterdam

Open boats

Classic boats

Big boats

Check out our other boats for the boat rental in Amsterdam!


Digital discovery tour with Boat Rental Amsterdam

Compare & book your boat rental in Amsterdam

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Choose boat

Choose from a range of different types of boats . For the canal cruises in Amsterdam you can choose between open boats, classic boats or large boats. All boats are private boats, which means that the boat will only be occupied by the people from your group!

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Plan your canal tour

Then you choose your desired date and start time for the private canal tour in Amsterdam. Please also indicate the number of people so that you can also see the boats suitable for your number of people.

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Compare & book your Amsterdam canal cruises

Then you can compare the private boats and their prices. Some boats can be booked directly. You can recognize this by the “ Book directly ” option. Other boat providers only have availability on request. This is then marked with " Request boat ". The boat owner will answer the inquiries as soon as possible.

Optional extras


Choose for this option and you will see only boats which have a music system. Those boats have a mobile loudspeaker or a built-in music system on board. Please note that there may be restrictions on the possible music volume depending on the route you choose.


Filter on the heating option in the search results. The boat then has an integrated heating system for colder days. On summer days, we also have a selection of boats with an open sundeck. On those you can enjoy the sunshine the most! Rain or Sun - our optional extra filter will provide you with the right boat for any weather condition.


With the electric canal boats you can travel through the canals with absolutely no emissions. Explore the canals without any unpleasant gasoline smells during the private canal cruise.


Most of the smaller private boats do not have toilets on board. However, any of the boats can stop to take a restroom break at a public toilet or restaurant. In general, it is advisable to take a restroom break before the canal tour anyway. However, if you do not want to do without a restroom on board, then filter on this boat feature.

Benefits of Boat Rental Amsterdam

Advantages of booking with Boat Rental Amsterdam

Booking with canal cruises Amsterdam offers a multitude of advantages. So you not only rent a boat at the best prices, but you can also quickly and easily compare a large number of boats. On our comparison portal you will find the right boat for every occasion and every group. Use the filter functions to take your desired boat characteristics into account in the search. Some providers even work with the direct booking option, which means that your boat tour can be paid for and confirmed directly – without a long wait!

If you still have doubts which boat suits you and your group or the occasion best, don’t hesitate to contact us. This can be done easily by phone on +31 6 45 25 1000 or by email to You can also send us a callback request, we will call you back immediately to help you choose a suitable private boat.

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