Amsterdam Private Boat Tours

Classic Cruises

Amsterdam, with a number of tourist attractions, is a city worth exploring. However, the best way to explore it to the core is to sail through its waterways. This is where the city looks the prettiest. It has a network of canals with gently flowing waters and a number of eateries along the banks to give you the actual taste of Dutch cuisine.

Whether you are a visitor looking for an unforgettable vacation, or a local who wants to take a break from hectic routine and find serenity in floating above the calm water, hiring a private boat is the most recommended option.

Among many private cruise options depending upon the number of boarders, Undine, a classic German boat from 1920, is a popular option. It can host up to 8 individuals. However, if you are planning to have a meal onboard, the capacity will be reduced to not more than 5 individuals.

Undine is most suited for small groups of close friends or family. Moreover, it is ideal for a romantic candle light dinner with your partner. Undine has a minibar with a range of drinks for everyone, double panes to avoid foggy windows and get a clear view, heating system, and electric engine along with a beautiful, luxurious sundeck.

Book Undine today for a private tour worth remembering with your partner, or your loved ones.

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Small Cruises

Small saloon cruises are ideal size to take you to even the narrower waterways so that you can uncover the secrets of the city. These small boats are further available with different variations.

For example, you can go for open boats to enjoy a clear, sunny day with a minibar serving your favorite drinks. Or, a partially covered boat like Undine is an all-in-one solution. It has a luxurious sundeck if you want to spent some time under sun. whereas the other half is covered to give a shade if it gets a bit too hot or rainy.

Similarly, for those who want to avoid sun completely or have sun sensitive skin, we offer completely covered boats as well. You can get the fresh air from the windows on the front while you stay protected from the heat on a hot sunny day.

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Salient Features of Private Boat Tours in Amsterdam

We have a variety of private boats depending upon their maximum capacity, size, and facilities. The maximum number of people a private cruise can carry is 12. However, there are smaller boats which are built to accommodate not more than 2 to 4 people.

Hence, you can say that our small boats at Boat Rental Amsterdam are made to hold small to medium sized groups. Some are perfect for couples while others are for groups of your acquaintances and family members. Not sure which one will do for you? Use our filter feature to have a look at available options.

you can explore detailed features for each boat on the details page which mentions the capacity and the facilities offered on a particular boat. However, one thing you must be aware of is that the maximum capacity is shown without keeping in view any dining options.

If you are planning to have a breakfast, lunch, dinner on the boat, the capacity for maximum individuals will be reduced. In such case, you might want to book a bigger boat. Besides, there are options depending upon required level of facilities. There are highly luxurious boats and then we also have simpler ones.

Have a look at the interior and exterior of the boats in the gallery and also check the provided facilities mentioned alongside to make an informed decision.

You will be provided with music of your choice through Bose Bluetooth, a free Wi-Fi, a welcome drink, fleece blankets so you can cozy up, and a mini bar with a variety of drinks to enjoy during the tour. Besides, you can customize your tour by letting us know about anything else you would want on board.

Still have doubts? Get in touch with us and let us guide you about the most suitable options for you to choose from according to your preferences.

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We Accommodate Bigger Groups as Well

Looking for more spacious boats for a larger group? We have got you covered. We have luxury and simple boats for all group sizes to let you have a fun filled tour with your acquaintances.

These bigger boats come with bigger amenities to choose from. They can hold different group sizes including 20 individuals, 40, 50, 65, or even up to 75 individuals. If you are planning an event or want to celebrate an occasion in style, book a big sized cruise with Boat Rental Amsterdam and enjoy a luxurious tour of the Amsterdam’s canal.

you will be provided with an open bar, live cooking to ensure a scrumptious meal direct from the grill, a variety of drinks with an option to include your personal favorites to the bar, live music, free Wi-Fi to help you upload live videos and pictures of your tour, and much more.

You can personalize your boat tour the way you like it. If it is a celebration, let us know beforehand and we will arrange champagne as well. Your captain will be your guide on board and he sure has some interesting stories to tell about the city, its culture, history, and it monuments.

In short, no matter how large or small your group size is, we have got something fabulous to offer for everyone.

If you are still confused about the most suitable option, or want a more personalized experience, get in touch with us and let us know about your requirements. We will guide you to the best available options.

We Operate All Year Round

All our boats from small to medium to large sizes are always ready to sale. Sail with us to as many as 10 different routes 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.